About Us

About Head Designer

Denim Nation of America (DNA), the brand by Randy Rashawn, was launched in the fall of 1999 with the idea that our own unique style is embedded within our genes, and in our jeans. The brand, which started under his own name, changed to DNA in early 2010, a time when self-named brands-like Ed Hardy or Sean Jean-were trending and not representative of its customers inner-self. DNA set out to represent its customers in its own self-expressive ways, something these self named brands didn’t seem to be doing.

With that, Rashawn started the Trendsetters label—a line that stemmed from DNA allowing the individual to represent what a trendsetter means to them and express themselves through classic pieces like t-shirts or sweatsuits in their choice of colors.  Through DNA’s customers being able to express their individuality, the label would build a community of trendsetters, allowing them to unify.

Every person has their own message and own definition of what trendsetter means, so why would Randy confine his customers to his own tastes and ideas? Instead of Keeping up with the Jones’, customers are allowed to be themselves and be comfortable through these timeless, lasting pieces. Express yourself and represent a trendsetter through the Denim Nation of America


Written By Nicole Baker